Selaros Launched Its New Collection of Cheap Dresses for Plus Sized People

Now plus sized people have a reason to rejoice- after the company launched its special collection for men and women, with different types of clothing and at pocket-friendly rates.

As an online boutique that meets the needs of customers galore, Selaros went ahead this time to satiate the needs of its plus sized fashion lovers. The cheap dresses collection will be unveiled in a few days and boasts of a rich mix of cheap dresses. This time the company’s gone ahead and included both males and females under its client list to avail these much needed dresses. Also, the dresses are soft and light coloured, which the team members ensure will allow maximum comfort.

The industry is flooded with online fashion outlets and each one has a specific story to tell in terms of how the success path has been achieved. Selaros too has made a name for itself chiefly because of the versatile collection it has provided to many. The chic and trendy offerings are often from reputed brands and some were even introduced via this site, which are currently sensations. Each of the brands that the site showcases are known for exclusivity in terms of aesthetics. And to top it all, all their clothes are priced reasonably.

The plus sized clothing contains an array of choices at the disposal of the customers, notably women’s blouses, tees, shirts and dresses. On the other hand, the male counterparts can take their picks from shirts, tees and casual pants. “While the idea was at its nascent stage, we decided to give it shape. Hence, our designers and sales team members sat for hours and designed exactly how and what we will do that will help this plus sized collection see the light of day,” said a very senior member of the sales team at Selaros.

The CEO of the site said, “We generally get reviews from our valued customers and they provide us their feedback. Most plus sized people insisted that a separate collection must be launched from our site, keeping them in mind. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, our team went ahead with this plan and here we are ready with the new collection that will be unveiled shortly. The prices are quite low and that’s certainly a big add on when it comes to purchasing.”

About the Company

Selaros is a reputed online outlet that procures quality clothing at discounted rates.

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Improve your Relationship with New Products from Top Rated BDSM Store

Top Rated BDSM Store announces the pre-launch of their website which offers a wide variety of BDSM products. BDSM is a form of erotic practice or role playing involving the psychological feeling of bondage, discipline, dominance and submission; which are essential preconditions upon which strong love and emotional attachment is built. A 2013 study report by Durex shows that emotionally attached lovers enjoy sex best, are easily turned on by mere show of vulnerability from either of the partner, and enjoy intercourse with one another better as they progress in their marriages. Existing data today had however furthered to confirm that BDSM lovers have the least divorce or break-up record, and that BDSM method is often recommended to save shaky marriages from the risk of divorce. Whenever lovers try to spice up their relationship and sex life with a top rated BDSM product, Top Rated BDSM Store is the one stop online store upon which they rest their hope.

Top Rated BDSM Store is an online start-up top rated BSDM products store established in 2019 and based out of Dallas. It specializes in the sale of products for BDSM beginners, kink, fetish, LGBT, singles, and couples looking to enhance their love and sex life for a stronger and healthier relationship filled with happiness and self-fulfillment. In addition to the aforementioned, Top Rated BDSM Store also have in stock an extensive collection of BDSM products best suitable for transgender, gays, lesbians as well as everyone else that fits into the LGBT BDSM category and community. According to Rachel Lawrence; widely known as Mistress Kitty and also double as the founder of top rated BDSM store, “7 out of every 10 marriages fail today. People are gradually losing faith in relationship and marriage; a factor credited to the loss of emotional attachment among lovers. BDSM is the only available and tested remedy to this problem; and Top Rated BDSM Store is the best avenue for BDSM products required to save every relationship from break-up”.

Top Rated BDSM Store BDSM products is available for every gender be it male, female, transgender, gay, lesbian, queer, straight, married, or even single. It also has in stock different kinds of BDSM sex toys through which partners can stimulate and enhance their love/sex life. For better enquiry, to sign up for our newsletter, to enjoy any of our promotional services, for questions about our products and services, and many others; Visit our website:, blog:, e-mail: or call: (929) 367-6081.


Embark on a Journey of Self Development with Dequonna Wise’ 8 Layers of Division among Women

The renounced author and life coach, Dequonna Wise, wishes to announce the publication and commencement of sale for her new book titled “8 Layers of Division among Women”. Dubbed as a book for women empowerment and standard behaviour guide; 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in both electronic and paperback versions that provides suitable specification for all kinds of readers. While discussing the motivation behind the creation of the book with a group of students, Dequonna Wise said “When you’re unhappy, you seek distractions and validation. If my word could reach out and transform the life and character of just one person, then I will be fulfilled and know that I have not spoken in vain”.

In the book ‘8 Layers of Division among Women’, the author identifies what it described as 8 toxic energy and traits that keep women separated and disunited, and also provide 3 ways through which each layer of the traits can be identified. It however furthered to provide some recommendations as antidote for combating the identified toxic traits. The book also comes with a question segment at the end of each layer to allow its reader identify with the strongholds, and as well save to revert back to for the purpose of self accountability. The ultimate goal of the book is to help women interact better with one another within the society, and also be good to their individual selves.

The Ebook version of 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in 44pages without the self-appraising question segment, while the paperback version has 91 pages with full question segment to enhance self appraisal and reverence for subsequent activities. Copy of the paperback version of the book is available for purchase at You can also visit the iBooks segment on Amazon to get a copy of the ebook version.

Trendysuper Extends Its Week-Long Sale To Another Week Seeing The Great Response

What started off as a weekly sale period got extended, thanks to the responsiveness and positive feedback from customers who had the best feeling in the world shopping several lifestyle items.


Trendysuper earned the repute of being one of the most affordable online retail outlets among the current lot. Recently, the company rolled out a sale period meant for a week, which was a hit among the customers. Most women’s clothing including one piece fashionable wear, beachwear and swimwear, top selling dresses, jeans, shirts, tees, tops and skirts were available at discounted rates. Seeing the immense popularity and responsiveness of customers, the company decided to extend the same for another week. In fact, most cheap women’s clothes and accessories have witnessed a further reduction in rates, so as to facilitate added purchases.

The company officials said that the pricing policy is a supreme factor that they have maintained under every circumstance and this move was largely intended to retain their business objectives. “By adding some more items in the inventory, the prime lookout has been customer feedback. Not that the stocks weren’t cleared or competition with other prospective sites would have enhanced the value; but there is a great significance of securing the trust and goodwill of customers after they see that the site is upgraded at regular intervals,” said a chief spokesperson for Trendysuper.

There’s no dearth to the sexy dresses for women at the website. But market research also says that the cheap dresses collections have only grown in popularity in the last few years in most parts of Indian, Middle East and many other zones. Price remodelling is required hence and also services need to be more customised, so most team members are working towards the same.

The CEO of the company said, “In comparison to US markets where women seek for fashionable clothes and variations in designs and colours ensure the sole objective, we need to work hard towards the other zones of the world. Every customer means a lot to us and accordingly we replenish our stocks. The sale period extension is a move towards securing our long term goals. For that, whatever was needed to be worked on, we have. And we value customer feedback too so as to make this entire process of shopping a fruitful one.”

About the Company

Trendysuper is a renowned online outlet that often provides heavy discounts on women’s clothing.

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Maxinina’s Latest Jumpsuits Now Available At Discounted Rates

The classy and super stylish jumpsuits are quite in vogue and this time the site has taken special care to ensure unique collection of the same are uploaded for the appeal factor.


The expansive collection of summer jumpsuits at Maxinina has been one of the most talked about aspects about the site. The company’s designers have worked utmost in recreating old styles and infused a fresh flavor to the jumpsuits collection, keeping the prices at an all time low. This surely stands as an effective strategy for business growth besides experimenting on unique designs. In fact, most customers who never thought of adopting an experimental approach have expressed a keen desire to try the same, seeing their existing range of clothing.

The jumpsuits look quite unique and customers have the complete liberty in choosing from a wide range of colors, designs and styles. By unveiling this new collection, the site however has not ruled out the possibility of not having other apparel at discounted rates. However, they are seasonal purchases and most of them have been designed keeping the summer in mind. “They look easy on the eye and every bit worth the pocket pinch. Most sites have not even thought of these exclusive cuts and designs and here Maxinina has already started selling. So this should come as good news to many,” said one of the senior executives associated with the company.

The store is known to curate collections that would suffice for women having variegated tastes. Keeping the style quotient intact, there are a plethora of women’s casual pants, blouses and dresses to choose from. Every single item looks classy yet funky, cool and adheres to the latest fashion trends.

In the press meet, the CEO said, “Who would have thought that we would be one of the strongest contenders in the e-retail scenario? But if this has happened, it’s chiefly because our collection is always adapting to the changing requirements of the fashion world and takes everyone’s choices into consideration. The jumpsuits no doubt are the newest thing to look forward to and wearing them,, women will surely be able to make a style statement of their own. That is what we aim to achieve. Our collection entices all, but our philosophy is reflected likewise.”

About the Company

Maxinina is a leading online retail space dedicated to procuring clothing and accessories to all.

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Sebellamore Aims to Gain Traction with Add-On Discounts on a Variety of Women’s Wear Products

It’s raining discounts here and first time buyers have a golden opportunity of cashing on this exciting offer lest they lose out and crib pointlessly.


As a women’s clothing boutique, Sebellamore has earned a name and place in most shoppers’ hearts within a very brief period since its inception. The site has stocked a plethora of sexy dresses for women, including skater dresses, bodycons, maxi dresses; shift dresses and also tops, tees and blouses. The site has expanded its inventory and currently it’s doing great, especially after foraying into a number of new products. Keeping in mind the fashion-conscious masses and also to build its reputation among those who haven’t got its flavour yet, the site recently took a different business approach after announcing flat 5-10% discounts on first orders.

Sebellamore has ensure that the deals and discounts for shoppers do not reach a stop, and the existing customers scan still have their picks from the fashionable attire and accessories on display. The prices are slashed and few items have add-on discounts applied too. But this step is a fairly new one, so as to attract more customers and increase their sales by several notches.

As a company official said, “It’s not necessary that the buyer has to be a first timer at our site. For those who have been associated with Sebellamore for long can great the same offer of he or she has multiple accounts wherein several email addresses are required. So if the address is not registered with the site and is made at this time, the first purchase will invariably help him or her avail this exciting offer. Technically speaking, it’s a win-win situation for all.”

In a bid to make a name for itself, the company has always resorted to innovative measures and this is no different. The fashion women’s clothing has already secured a huge fan base and the company has left no stone unturned in bringing many more.

The CEO of the company said, “Our business strategies are implemented in such a manner that as much as we gain, customers gain manifold. Our sales and marketing team are always involved in a continuous assessing process of the market and thereby execute these that customers obtain in the form of deals and discounts. Without market survey and analysis, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

About the Company

Sebellamore is a fashion online store known for providing hefty discounts to customers round the globe.

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Luvyle Offers up to 65% Discount on Cheap Maxi Dresses and T Shirts Online

Luvyle, an ecommerce store that has recently launched its latest collection of cheap t shirts and maxi dresses, is now offering up to 65% discount on their new arrivals.

Hong Kong, 21st May

Luvyle is one of the fast-growing ecommerce businesses in the US that recently unveiled their latest collection of cheap t shirts online and maxi dresses. The store also started offering massive discounts on their new arrivals. Buyers can now get up to 65% discount on products featured on the store. Apart from the discounts available on products, customers can also avail hot deals and special discounts on bulk purchase.

Buyers of Luvyle can now select from products by neckline, by fabric, by sleeves, by closure and by season. Also, customers can narrow down their search by embellishment, by occasion and by color. The store now offers sizeable discounts on both cheap t shirts and cheap maxi dresses, two most popular casual dresses that are available on the e-store. The owners said that they have announced the discounts keeping in mind the predictable demand during the summer months.

The high street fashion dresses offered by the company are all manufactured in Hong Kong, where Luvyle has its main manufacturing base. The company now manufactures t shirts, shirts, blouses, outerwear products, camis and vests for fashionable women. The store also now offers huge discounts on mini dresses, top, jumpsuits, skirts, jeans and leggings.

Keeping the manufacturing costs low while ensuring top quality of products has been a major challenge for ecommerce enterprises in China, but Luvyle has successfully crossed this hurdle. Due to its physical establishment in Wanchai, Hong Kong, which happens to the nucleus of the Chinese textile manufacturing industry, Luvyle has been able to create and retain a large pool of talented and skilled designers and workers. The company uses the latest equipment for manufacturing the wholesale cheap t shirts and maxi dresses so that production capacity can be increased and bulk requirements can easily be met.

In addition to that, the online store also now ensures fast shipping and seamless return and exchange for all of the products, including cheap maxi dresses purchased through their store. The store also has its dedicated customer support team that takes care of customer queries and grievances.

About the Company

Luvyle is a leading ecommerce store selling cheap cheap t shirts and maxi dresses.

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Fashionmia Offers Selective Dresses At Discounted Rates As A Part Of Its Limited Period Offer

Shopping for cheap clothing is no longer painstaking or a hassle since Fashionmia is taking all the attention for the right reasons as an online fashion destination, for every type of shopper.

USA, 17th May

Stylish clothing and its availability online at discounted rates was once a rarity, till some sites made it possible. Among them, Fashionmia truly stands out after it has helped most customers across the globe lay their hands on the best of quality products and look their best in most occasions. The company has recently declared flat discounts on selective dresses, including cheap skater dresses, maxis and bodycon and implored its customers to avail the most of this period. These discount offers are applicable for a limited period, which is available for the site’s valued customers and even the new shoppers. However, the latter has to register with the site first and only then, the deals can be availed.

Akin to a personal style guide, Fashionmia ensures that the stocks available at their store are no less than any celebrity’s. The dresses are many in number, but the company has decided on only few items that will enjoy the deals. “Whether it’s a brunch with the friends or a casual date or an important business meeting; the dresses are meant for every body shape, size and colour preference. Most of the items on which the discounts are applicable have been chosen keeping in mind the season and the purpose, which will definitely be a plus point in terms of shopping,” remarked the sales manager of Fashionmia.

Quite a contrast to the common notion that dresses are an ideal fit for parties and evenings out, Fashionmia has changed the very perception of how these elegant clothing materials can be worn. A sharp departure from the regular jeans and blouses or tees and skirts, the dresses at the store provide a total fashionable look to the wearer. From the sexy bodycon dress to the free-flowing maxi dress, short peplum dress to floral infused skater dress; every piece speaks for itself at this store.

The CEO who was present in the press conference said, “The items have not been randomly selected on which the discounts are applicable. Our team has kept some parameters handy and only then the decision was taken.”

About the Company

Fashionmia is a well-known fashionable guide cum store online with the biggest and best collection of dresses at competitive pricing.

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Cicilookshop Includes Summer Sandals and Shoes for Women in Summer Sale Offers

Among accessories, shoes have remained favourites for most women and that’s what the site has cashed on this summer, among its other provisions for the sales.

USA, 17th May

The summer sale period is almost here and Cicilookshop has left no stone unturned in making it a grand one this time. Alongside clothing, accessories will enjoy a series of offers, which summer sandals for women too. From plain flat peep toes to faux leather round toe flats, mid heeled ankle level to casual strapped in PU and velvets, the most varied ones can be found this season. Available in the most attractive colours and designs, customers as the company officials say, are likely to fill their shopping carts mostly with these and many such accessories.

While this is not the first time that the site is providing such discounts, accessories do not normally see such heavy offers. “Most sites usually focus on their clothing and we do not deter to follow the path either. But this time we’ve deliberately kept our attention on shoes, bags and jewellery line to test the customers’ wants and requirements too. This practice we believe will help us gauge about how we can make things better and satisfactory for our esteemed clientele,” said the sales manager of the company.

Among the other offerings, long sleeve skater dresses and maxis will also be the focus areas this sale season. A sharp departure from the regular clothes like skirts, shirts and tops, women will get a taste of fashion like never before. And this will definitely build the trust of most customers who will see enough reason to be a tad experimental this summer season.

The CEO of Cicilookshop said, “Our objective lies in satiating the needs of customers. But what is the purpose of extending these attractive pricing if not combined with intelligent designs and new deals? Ahead of the decision to include our accessories as a part of this sale period, we sat and discussed at length and only then we came to the conclusion that we must go ahead with this. The shoes and sandals that customers will find at our store are available in plenty of colours and sizes, which means that no one will have to forsake on their chosen items.”

About the Company

Cicilookshop is one of the premier e-commerce giants knowing for a rich collection of attire, accessories and all these at feasible rates.

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Popreal Announces Special Discounts On Kids And Toddler Clothing Items

Summers look bright for infants and toddlers after exclusively designed swimwear and beach dresses make grand entries among the collection at this much loved ecommerce outlet.

USA, 17th May

Known for being one of the most updated online giants across the globe, Popreal has turned trendier by the day after announcing attractive discounts on its recently launched baby swimwear. The cool collection includes other clothing and accessories too, but this time, as per company officials, the chief target is babies’ clothes.

Buying kids dress can often pose a hassle for most parents. Given the exorbitant rates of most trendy items, often parents deal with kids’ growing fashion sense or face immense difficulty in procuring the exact items as per their choices. “At Popreal, the problems get resolved in a jiffy! Not only do customers find an array of products at their disposal, but even some matching outfits that are rare finds in several other online joints. Most designers take utmost care to see that the uniqueness of the outfits stay intact, for this is exactly what distinguishes Popreal from the rest,” said a senior executive member of the company.

Keeping in mind the changing trends and requirements of all, Popreal continues to upgrade it’s products. The designs and cutwork have been so curated upon every outfit that both kids and adults will feel sophisticated upon slipping into them, as per the version of the members associated with the team. Also, the fashion sale periods are quite frequent at this site and almost every customer who shopped during such times have praised about the services dispensed; which includes product delivery, timely reach, quality maintenance and feasible rates.

The press meet organized recently saw the CEO and other officials who had high hopes from the latest clothing line. “Babies are extremely fussy when it comes to their clothes and hence the products that Popreal will deliver this time will meet all the requirements. Our experts have spent a lot of time collaborating with experts and even took reviews of parents to understand the right blend of cuteness and comfort that would be a hug draw factor for kids. The website will also feature other options and exciting deals, which under no circumstance should be missed by customers”.

About the Company

Popreal is a premier online retail outlet, focusing primarily on kids wear alongside other apparel and accessories at feasible rates.

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