Project Management and Product Development Author, Jon M Quigley Launches New Book

The book “Continuous and Embedded Learning for Organizations” is available to purchase on Amazon and major book sellers. The book written with co-author Shawn P. Quigley, a retired Chief Warrant Officer, who has vast experience with the Navy and NNSYThe book is co-authored with his brother, Jon M. Quigley, the principal and founding member of Value Transformation.

Jon M. Quigley, said, “This book will give readers an insight into how an organization is able to compete continuously through embedded learning. The longevity of the organization develops over time depending upon that organization’s ability to learn and propagate the learning throughout the organization.” He additionally explained, “With this book, readers will study many systems from history, social and technical, which might be required to create a learning organization. Within the book, you will also learn the different styles of project management and how each has some opportunities and pitfalls with these embedded learning processes. This book is geared towards exposing the reader to the different types and theories involved with learning and management to allow the individual or group to determine the best fit for their group or organization”. 


According to the research, embedded learning is more powerful than typical send people to training approaches to learning. As a result, the learner is more engaged and motivated to complete a job or task and also has a deeper understanding of context. Embedded learning most simply describes learning while doing, spreading that learning, and applying the information learned to future tasks and/or projects. Thus creating a cycle of learning and development, loop learning.



About Jon M. Quigley

Jon M. Quigley holds multiple master-level degrees and globally recognized certifications and has thirty years of product development and manufacturing experience. He has written several books on project management and product development, such as Total Quality Management for Project Management, Testing Complex and Embedded Systems, Scrum Project Management, and Configuration Management.


Shawn P. Quigley

Shawn P. Quigley is a retired Chief Warrant Officer. Before writing this book, he worked as the Area Improvement Coordinator and Program Exposure Manager at Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department Kings Bay, GA. He has managed projects for both the Navy and NNSY. Those projects Ranging from the refueling of a nuclear aircraft carrier (USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, CVN-71), a fast attack submarine (USS SAN FRANCISCO, SSN-711), and the decommissioning of a fast attack submarine (USS HAMMERHEAD, SSN-663) and destroyer tender (USS PUGET SOUND, AD-38).


The book is a collaboration of two experts in the field of project management, organizational and project and product development. Collectively they have over 70 years of experience in these areas. The book is 397 pages and is available at Kindle edition and hardcover. To get the book, please visit



Jon M. Quigley


Phone: (+1) 336-484-1528

Address: 1211 Heath Church Road

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Sultan Shindi – The founder of SultanCode

Sultan Shindi (born July 30, 2001) is a Saudi programmer and entrepreneur, born in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He started in the field of programming from his childhood, then started learning about business and entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur. He completed his studies at Taibah High School and then accepted at Taibah University. He is the Founder & CEO of SultanCodeSA.


Personal Life

Sultan Shindi born in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He was born in a Muslim family, of Saudi nationality, his father, Mohammed Shindi Abbas Shindi, who is Station Manager at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, at the date of writing, from the family of Al-Shindi Al-Ansari in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah relative to the Al-Shafna family in Shindawil.

He was inclined from his early childhood to technology and computers, as he developed many platforms and projects that were not disclosed in the past, as he was not social in the pre-secondary stage to such a degree and he did not highlight his full skills at that time to the public. He was making projects only and this is what made people Around him they know that he is proficient in technology without knowing his true skills. On the other hand, his knowledge was limited and local only; he was known for his technical expertise at that time only among those around him.


In his secondary stage he transformed from a mysterious child to a well-known social figure in his region, which led many parties to send job offers and offers for partnership, he refused all of these offers at that time and began to develop himself and go to the world of business and entrepreneurship where he was able to create a strong leadership and social personality Very compared to his previous personality, he is a leader and entrepreneur. He became a partner of more than one company, including “ITRIBO” and “RaihJaySA” in the year 2019. In 2020, he joined the Student Advisory Council at Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Early Life

At the age of eight (second grade primary) he got on his first laptop, started using his laptop and was the first thing he did in the technical field is creating a new account in Facebook and then he started in the field of hacking for two years and then started in the field of programming and Cyber Security Here he have met with his interest, hobby, and passion for programming to start his new world as a programmer and software developer.



Sultan was very passionate about video, media and acting, he became a content creator in YouTube in 2012 AD with his channel that included 400k viewers in about 2014 AD, he deleted the old content later and interested in the works.


He started appearing on Instagram later on the content of entrepreneurship in which he talks about his successes and topics for those interested in business, as he created a trade-mark in light blue and black (dark blue) in his personal name in the English language “Sultan Shindi” to be in the name of the unified file @sultan_shindi.



Sultan Shindi appeared in more than one newspaper on the Internet and he spoke several days before the date of writing these lines about his filming of a TV episode in “MBC 1”, which was reported about his descent during a month from that date, as he was requested to meet with more than one journalist and newspaper, and that newspaper articles Written during the meeting will be available soon from the date these lines are written.



Sultan Shindi appeared in several newspapers while honoring him by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Medina, Saudi Arabia, from these newspapers:

  • Saudi (Almanatiq) newspaper.
  • SPA (Saudi Press Agency).
  • Al-Madina newspaper.
  • Makkah Newspaper.
  • KSA Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Al-Madaen electronic newspaper.
  • The emirate of Madinah region site.
  • Okaz newspaper.
  • Alyaum newspaper.
  • Asharq Alawsat Newspaper.
  • Al-Jazirah newspaper.



Winning the contest “Taibah Innovates 2” with honors from His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia.

Winning first place at the end of the Intensive Entrepreneurship Training Program and obtaining an Entrepreneurship Certificate submitted by Babson University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Winning the first place in the volunteer projects competition presented by “Ayamen” in Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Winning seventh place in the Entrepreneurship Competition for students projects at the secondary level, at the level of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Qualify in the intermediate stage in the scientific research competition for the last stage at the level of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

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The Special gift for family’s special moments

Are you confused about choosing the right gift for the wedding moment of friends, relatives, or family? Crebobble, a company that specializes in creating miniature bobbleheads, offers a wide variety of miniature gifts for the loved one.


Crebobble, a company that is experienced at making bobbleheads miniature, has been creating miniature dolls of a loved one for over ten years. A miniature gift representing someone’s profile is an extraordinary gift, especially for special moments such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation. Crebobble miniatures are made of high quality and eco-friendly polymer clay. The clients can also choose the colors and shapes based on the client’s requirements.


Crebobble bobblehead presents are funny, unique, and affordable. Clients can choose bobbleheads from over 1000 different styles. Crebobble’s sculptors are those who are expert at sculpting and able to make unique bobbleheads similar to the client’s references. Clients can choose various styles from superheroes, professions, doctors, pilots, photographers, athletes, poets, and many more. Crebobble’s bobbleheads are unique because they made the miniature from head to toe with height 6,5 to 7,5 inches. They can also create a couple of miniatures or groups, besides creating a single bobblehead.


According to the company manager, Crebobble has been trusted by clients all over the world for many years. “We have delivered more than 100,000 custom bobbleheads for our clients worldwide. We strive to make our clients happy with their bobbleheads,” said Crebobble representative. Crebobble offers its bobblehead miniatures at affordable prices. Single bobblehead prices start from $68, while couple bobbleheads start from $128. The bobbleheads are available to purchase at Crebobble official website


Ordering custom bobbleheads is simple. Clients need to send order references and information. After receiving the order, Crebobble will make the bobblehead according to the references. And of course, they will send the progress for approval before the finalization of the miniature. For a great shopping experience, Crebobble receives payment from major credit cards and Paypal for smooth transactions.


“Crebobble is a skilled bobbleheads maker. I admired the Artist that made my bobblehead. I was so fascinated by how quickly my bobblehead was created and delivered to my address. ”


“Loved it. Thank you for the bobblehead and I recommended you to my sister. ‘


There are many satisfied clients with their bobbleheads. Please check more testimonials on their webpage at


About Crebobble

Crebobble is a leading custom bobblehead company based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been serving its clients for more than ten years in creating custom model sculptures. Currently, they have delivered over 100,000 of their products to clients from all around the world. The company always prioritizes its clients’ satisfaction, which means they guarantee their clients will be satisfied with its products. If not satisfied with their products, they can be replaced until the clients are happy. For more information, and want to make bobbleheads for the special ones, please visit For bulk order and discount prices, contact our customer support at the email address below.


Media Contact

Ms. Fan – Crebobble LTD Company

Address: 12555 Park Central, Dallas, TX 75251


Website: Publishes Reasons to Join Reputable Online Threesome Dating Sites publishes the benefits of joining reputable online threesome dating sites. It makes couples confident to achieve their relationship goals., a reputable site for finding information about online threesome dating service, explains the benefits of using online threesome dating sites to find new friends and partners. The site posts it because some couples are confused about where to find a great threesome partner. It will not be easy to find a partner in social media. Even if a couple gets it, they don’t know her reputation. The founder of the site explained, “Finding a threesome partner in the right place is one o the most crucial things. It is strongly related to safety, comfort, and goals. Threesome dating sites are a solution. The sites connect people who can accept a threesome relationship. They can talk to each other comfortably and in a fun atmosphere.” 


Since couples are in a circle that supports them, they can do the process effectively. They only have to follow the instructions to become a member and start to find new friends. After getting friends, they can start to classify them to get the best one as a threesome partner. The founder of the site added, “Couples may spend their money to become a member of a particular threesome dating site. The cost is worth it since a threesome finder gets good friends who have the same thought. The chance to get a partner who meets their needs and requirements becomes bigger.”


Couples who join a threesome dating site seem to think about safety. As a paid service, the site serves its members with valuable features, services, and facilities, including great security features. Those features help the members to classify and select the best woman for a threesome relationship. The CEO stated, “We also publish the best threesome dating sites on We can conclude that the sites have a great security system. The tools support the searching process well. Members can decide to meet their partner after they are sure that she is the one that they are looking for. The site helps members to get a real woman for a threesome.”


Open-minded couples and singles will love the way threesome dating sites develop its system. It makes everything seem to be easy and they can achieve their goals immediately. Besides looking for a threesome partner, people can also find a good single for a hook-up relationship. Indeed, members can get a lot of things more than expected as long as they are joining a trusted threesome dating website.


About is a website that provides information about online threesome dating services. The site publishes everything people should know about threesome dating. It has the list of the best threesome sites, tips, and other valuable articles.

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Digital freight network Quicargo continues growth and triples its turnover in the first half of 2020

Amsterdam, July 22, 2020, the first half of 2020 was full of unforeseen challenges. As the COVID-19 virus emerged, businesses faced immense obstacles. Simultaneously, our new way of living gave push to a more digitized society. This need for digital solutions also reached the logistics sector, which increased the demand for online transport platforms. Scale up Quicargo announces that they continued to grow, as the online transport platform increased its turnover in the first half of 2020 by 200% compared to H1 2019.


Want to gain insights into the numbers and how Quicargo managed to continue its hypergrowth in 2020? The European road freight network released a report which includes facts and figures about the company and the first half of 2020.


The increase in demand for our digital platform, both from shippers as well as carriers, creates an enormous flywheel effect, as the advantages of a digital transport solution become even stronger when demand and supply increase simultaneously’, thus the CCO and Co-Founder of Quicargo, Sam Houwen.


In addition to digitization, the pandemic accelerated the global shift towards sustainable solutions. This was required in the transport industry, as it faces a tremendous problem in which 50% of all trucks driving on European roads are empty or partially empty. Subsequently, this pollutes the environment dramatically. By connecting road freight to empty truck capacity, Quicargo offers a breath of fresh air in the logistics sector.


Quicargo continuously shakes things up in the road transport. The digital logistics platform gained a strong position in the Benelux and is also expanding its reach in Europe. By constantly adapting and embracing new technologies, Quicargo continues to grow and revolutionize the transport industry.


If you would like more information, please contact Mariëlle van Deelen at +31 (0)6 431 864 89, E-mail or visit the website at


Johan Huizingalaan 763a

1066 VH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Luvyle New Discount Event Offer Big Price Off for Clothes and Dresses Collection

Luvyle new discount event is available for dresses and clothes collection. The store offers up to 70% off for this discount event.


Luvyle held the discount event for the cute dresses and clothes collection. This store is well-known for its affordable prices for all categories, including the dresses and clothes collection. As for this discount event, the clothes and dresses collection receive a discount of up to 70%. It is not applied to all products, however. This discount is only for the newer product that was added to this collection. This new summer collection has more affordable prices thanks to these discounts offered.


One of the customers of Luvyle said, “I can’t believe that I can buy these cute clothes and dresses at more affordable prices, thanks to the discount from Luvyle. I visited and shopped at this online store a lot in the past. So, I think, I want to get a set of clothes for this summer. When I found out that this store offers a new summer collection, I just visited it. And, when I found the discount event as well there, I felt very happy. The clothes I ordered also arrived safely, and it matches the specification that I chose when I purchased it. So, thank you Luvyle for a beautiful and cute dress and big discounts.”


Luvyle offers a huge collection of clothes and dresses at affordable prices. The discount event this store regularly held is one of the main reasons why this store is famous for the online store for affordable fashion items. Furthermore, this store offers the free shipping bonus for purchase over $59. All these features allow customers to buy high-quality fashion products with a low budget.


As for product collection, Luvyle offers several categories. Customers can find cheap cute clothes, tops, bottom, maxi dresses, t-shirt, blouses, and even shoes. Each collection consists of top-quality products from famous brands and designers. For more information about these collections as well as the discount events, one can visit Luvyle official website.


About Luvyle

Luvyle is an online shop for modern, irresistible, and high-quality fashion items. This online store becomes the favorite destination for people who want to buy top brands’ fashion items at affordable prices. This company hires a team of experts in the fashion industry to do a filtering job for the product they will sell on its online store. This way, the customers will get nothing but the best product from this store.


BerryLook Launched a New Summer Vogue Event for Massive 70% Discount for Its Collection

BerryLook started a new summer discount event. The event is called the New Summer Vogue, which gives up to 70% discounts for a wide collection of dresses and tops.


BerryLook has been holding a new summer discount event for its collection. This summer, this store launched the New Summer Vogue event. The New Summer Vogue event offers up to 70% discount for cheap tops and dresses. Starting from 10%, customers can find various discounts in that collection. This discount is only available for more than $79 purchase. This store provides the discount code that customers can use when they pay their items. Moreover, the previous bonus order is also applicable along with this discount. Customers will get free shipping for purchase over $69. And, BerryLook also gives a 5% discount for the first-ever order.


The spokesperson of BerryLook said, “We understand how important our customers are. As we said so many times, our goal is to make them satisfied. And, this discount event is one of our ways to show how we appreciate our customers. Of course, we believe with this event, our customer will feel happier. And there is nothing more satisfying for us than seeing our customer feels that way. This is also our annual and regular event. So, you can expect another discount event in the future, or maybe soon, when the season changes.”


The discounts event cemented the status of BerryLook as one of the most affordable apparel online stores in the world. Other than the original affordable price of its product, the discount helps customers to save more. This company also has a wide array of dresses and fashion items for women, available in the online store. The collection comes with so many variations, from tops, dresses, swimwear, to fashion accessories to support the style.


As the representative of this store said, there will be the next event. It means the customer will have more chances to get cheap dresses, tops, swimwear, and other fashion items from BerryLook.


About BerryLook

BerryLook is an online apparel store that provides a huge collection of fashion items for women. The product in this store is the top brands and products from a famous designer that has been chosen by the expert. However, this store sells it at affordable prices, which allows every person to purchase these high-quality products. Thanks to this system, this store has become one of the top destinations for fashion shopping.

Vassilis Milionis Predicts on Greece Market Post COVID 19

Even Though Greece’s economy is expected to be hit severely by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vassilis Milionis predict the export sector might expand, and foreign investments doubled by 2023.


Vassilis Milionis, a Greek property investor, and entrepreneur predicts that the export sector and foreign investments might expand by 2023. According to the government, the Greece government has performed some economic initiatives in Greece from tax incentives, easier access to funding, and digitization. Those economic initiatives could be linked to issues in the export sector. As said by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, about the economic target of the country “The current ratio of exports in GDP must rise from the current 38 pct to the European average of 48 pct by the end of four years and the ratio of industrial production rise from the current 9.5 pct to 12 pct, along with the doubling of foreign investments by 2023”.


Vasilis Milionis, the Greek entrepreneur, stated that if the government target is reached, then Greek exports also increase in sectors beyond petroleum and tourism. Also, sectors like quality wines, new technologies, and the creative industry are predicted also increased. Milionis added currently, the Greek economy is facing some essential challenges. They relate to the widening of its production base by utilizing investment in the industrial sector, a more favorable tax framework, and the introduction of special programs to strengthen dynamic and export-oriented sectors. Greece also needs to plan and implement digital technology initiatives, and facilitate access of private corporations to funding, in order to increase the country’s economy.


According to Milionis, in the tourism and property sector, as the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdown begins to lift gradually as well as in Greece, the real estate market, especially on the popular tourist destination, such as Mykonos is awaiting the return of foreign buyers. Mykonos is one of the most renowned Greek islands. The island is an international travel destination that brings buyers and tourists from around the world. It offers beautiful nature, amazing beaches, picturesque villages, a chic lifestyle, and delicious Greek food.


“Greek tourism and real estate sectors began to rise up as the lockdown gradually lifted. The greek market will also increase as the global investors start to invest their money in real estate and tourism sectors in Greece:”, said Vasilis Milionis.


About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is the owner of Filia Investments LTD. The company works on several projects and is worth more than 16 million euros. One of them is a 5-star hotel and holiday apartment with all-inclusive facilities.

Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin Updates Its Garage Door Repair Service with New Technology

Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin offers garage door springs repair service with new technology. It helps to repair the springs effectively, safely, and fast.


Metro Austin TX Garage Repairs company, a trusted garage door repair Austin offers garage door springs service. Snapped springs, broken spring parts, and broken pulleys are common problems of those who have a garage at home. Snapped and broken springs can crook the door. The door even can’t move up and down on its track. Fixing this problem without any experience can cause more serious problems. Garage owners also have to repair it immediately, so the door will work normally and they can protect their cars just like before.


The CEO of the company explained, “Snapped or broken spring parts in a garage door is a serious problem. It is a little bit complicated to fix broken springs. One of the procedures is unloading all of the springs. Then, we have to disconnect the spring from the track bracket, spring pulley, and safety cable. We still have to choose the right spring otherwise the garage door will not work properly as before. Dealing with its sophisticated procedure, we launch garage door spring service. Our team helps to do the procedure and make a garage door with broken springs back to normal.” Garage doors with snapped or broken springs often shut down the system. It means the automatic system will not work at all. Even if the owners try to open and raise the door manually, it will not stay in the up position.


The CEO of the garage door repair service added, “When the garage door owners can’t open it immediately, it means they can’t move their car. It disturbs their activities, especially if they have to do something urgently. It takes time to repair this damage without proper skill. Our company tries to solve this problem as soon as possible. Garage owners only have to call our company and we will send our team to check it. We hope that garage owners can move their cars and do their activities without worrying about their garage door anymore.”  Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin works based on the procedure. The team will inspect the condition of the garage door and find out the problem. They will decide what they have to do to repair the garage door. Then, they will work to repair the problem.


Asking help from a professional technician will make the process more effective and fast along with a top-notch result. The CEO stated, “Garage owners only have to call our customer service. We include the phone number on our official website. We try to solve the problem on the same day if it is possible.” It will be a superb and exceptional garage door service for people in Austin TX.


About Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin 

Pro Tec Garage Door Repair Austin is a company that helps to repair garage door problems. The company is also ready to handle a new garage door installation and other garage door services.


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Persona: Otis Glover

Full Address: 10612 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. Austin, TX 78752

Email Address:

Phone: (512) 714-8889


Prestarrs Set To Unveil Its New Line Of Dresses For The Modern Working Women

With work dresses becoming the rage, the company’s new stocks promise surprises galore for the modern women who prefer unconventional dressing sense.

USA, 11th July

More and more women are now making a beeline to avail trendiest dresses that would do justice to a variety of social gatherings. Prestarrs, a company that has always ensured that women of different age groups and body sizes get access to numerous options among dresses, and at reasonable rates, recently announced that it is all set to unveil its latest collection of workwear for women. The online store owners also announced that they would unveil their latest collection of bodycon dresses cheap. Focusing chiefly on cuts and designs, the new line of products would be launched soon.

The company has attained the status of one of the finest online ecommerce stores that deals with only high-quality clothing and accessories. This time however the focus lies on innovative styles in dresses.

“Women love to sport attire that would suit multiple purposes. So, slipping into a dress that would be ideal for a business meet and also prove equally gorgeous when combined with accessories at an after-office meet or a friend’s party is exactly what they need. Hence, this new set of dresses would be the perfect ones to choose during such occasions,” said one of the chief executives of the company.

Prestarrs ensure that its legacy of supplying cheap trendy clothes is retained. As the owners have rightly emphasized that the store will offer wide-ranging clothing of varied colors, designs and features that would tempt buyers to stock more of them in their wardrobes. The latest collections of chic dresses will not only be unique and eye- catching but also keep the pocket pinch minimal.

The press conference saw the CEO of the company ecstatic about the upcoming sale. He said, “Despite making a mark with the quality, pricing and trends in clothing, the designers and the team keep working to the best of their capacities to fulfill the ever-changing requirements of the present-day woman. The new launch will cater to the needs of the fashion-conscious women and will be made accessible to every enthusiast, regardless of someone being a loyalist to the company or a new purchaser. But we insist customers to stock the collection fast, for we might run out if stock if delays happen from the other end.”

About the Company

Prestarrs is one of the leading fashion giants online that offers frequent discounts upon clothing and accessories alike.

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