Gang members reportedly beaten up by six females reported to be Rich Money Models.

(President Cess of Rich Money Models)


The Rich Money Models may be a bunch of beautiful models from urban cities united by a central cause of beauty and womens liberties, sexual empowerment and freedoms. It would be nice if that was the only cause uniting them. Apparently they are united by another force…violence and crime!

Police reports from Los Angeles city reported that 2 victims, that survived a gang beating which caused significant injuries, were beat up by six females reported to be Rich Money Models.


Witnesses said the fight started when one of the 2 victims were reportedly “eyeballing” a group of girls practicing their catwalk.


In another incident, there was a robbery at a high profile Versace store in midtown Manhattan New York , where 500,000$ worth of merchandise was stolen by 10 very attractive provocatively dressed women, who investigators suspect were Rich Money Models. Allegedly the models pulled up in 5 separate cars, jumping out and rushing the store, taking whatever their hearts desired.


Witnesses reported that the male employees of the store where turned to “stone” as they didn’t even so much as try to stop the girls (who were unarmed) , or call 911 till hours after the fact, with one employee even giving his number to one of the sexy bandits, in an effort to set up a later date.

President Princess of Rich Money Models Hosted a Fashion Party Today in New York

President Princess of Rich money models or “Cess” as she is commonly referred to, hosted a fashion party today in New York in which models from all over the tri state area attended, to show their support.


With her doe eyes and heavenly features, Princess is an exceptional beauty. She was the first model from the Asian descent to cover American magazines on a solo cover, and has also been featured on numerous other publications as well. Princess of Rich money models has modeled for high-end brands, and is also a spokesperson and champion of women’s advancement, and she has a huge heart to go with her huge smile!

The Gorgeous President Cess of Rich Money Models Spoke Today in Chicago


The Gorgeous President Cess of Rich Money Models spoke today in Chicago at a press conference in effort to defend 9 of her models who were arrested for Assault and battery, after they jumped a man who grabbed one of the models back side, after She dismissed his passes.


The man suffered several holes in his face and head from being beaten with heels, a black eye, busted lip and Ligature marks from being strangled by one of the models, who used her panty hose as a weapon. He also suffered 2 broken ribs from being kicked and stomped in the altercation.


President Cess defended her models saying “Not every woman is going to call law enforcement or fear for their life when it comes to male disrespect and aggression. My models like responding with behavior men understand. If a man gropes one of my models, it’s unfortunate, because they may break his hands in pieces so he never gropes again”.


Charges against the models were later dropped after surveillance video clearly showed the man groping the model. He was later arrested after he got out of Saint Joseph hospital , but police let him go shortly after because the model declined to press charges. However, upon him trying to leave the precinct , he was met by more than 50 angry Rich money models who were hell bent on revenge and who surrounded the precinct waiting for him to be released. Officers had to escort the man home by patrol car to avoid a possible deadly assault by the angry mob of models.

Ingenious Dj & Songwriter Mou5ZyZZ Releases Exciting Single “Let’s Make The Sun Rise”

Mou5ZyZZ drops a TRANCE track titled “Let’s Make The Sun Rise” along with another track written together with MeliniBands August 2021. Their tracks are available on worldwide music streaming platforms.


Exciting news coming from the USA musical artist, Mou5ZyZZ, a genius songwriter, professional DJ, singer, and dancer. Mou5ZyZZ announces two fresh singles titled “Let’s Make The Sun Rise- Original Mix” and “Let’s Make The Sun Rise- Radio Edit” These stunning new tracks were released on Mou5 Chee5e Records, August 21st 2021. Mou5ZyZZ, aka Andrew Niman, is a rising and talented musical artist. He is also the founder of Mou5 Chee5e Records, an independent music recording company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mou5ZyZZ’s new tracks are available on 400 plus, music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Apple store, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Pandora, and more.


Another captivating track came out on August 17th, 2021. This newly released Dubstep Banger, combines, Mou5ZyZZ, and talented friend MeliniBands. Both Artists drop this Heavy Dubstep Banger titled “Diamonds” This track tells a story about their hard life’s growing up in Albuquerque, NM. Mou5ZyZZ and MeliniBands write, “Me, and MeliniBands wrote this track, about the Real lives we’ve both lived at one time. It’s a Hard world we all live in. Albuquerque NM, can be a Jungle, but we’re both Tigers, and We LOVE IT! SPACESHIP GET INSIDE!! FEEL THE VIBE!!!”  Said Mou5ZyZZ & MeliniBands, both gifted Artists, Singers, & Rapper’s.

Mou5ZyZZ’s RE-RELEASES another fascinating track “Muve My Body- Original Mix.” RE-MASTERED to 24BIT-ULTRA-HD.WAV, and RE-RELEASED on August 15th, 2021. “Muve My Body- Original Mix.” was originally released on MAY 8th, 2020. The album cover features Mou5ZyZZ himself, proud of the exquisite body transformation of his hard work at the gym!


 “I decided to put myself on this Album cover. Look, I’m 37 years old, and I’ve never felt Sexier! I love being a human, flaws, and all. I told myself I better do this before I get much older, and I won’t do it. I’m very proud of the hard work I do each day in the gym. I give it my Best Each, and Every Day!” said Mou5ZyZZ.  Additionally, Mou5ZyZZ Released a New Radio Edit Version of “Muve My Body” August 19th, 2021 “I decided to release this Radio Edit, by putting myself on the album cover as well. I told myself, I’m not getting any younger lol.” He added.

Mou5ZyZZ’s fascinating album cover designer is one of his BEST friends, Adyna Tan, aka Lollypop Lane. Adyna Tan is a talented singer, and designer with an Excellent voice. Adyna Tan/Lollypop Lane is also a piano and ukulele player. She works as a dentist based in Brisbane Australia. Lollypop Lane has worked together with Mou5ZyZZ on several tracks, and created album covers for many of Mou5ZyZZ’s tracks, including Mou5ZyZZ’s Beautiful New tracks, “Let’s Make The Sun Rise”, “Let’s Make The Sun Rise – Radio Edit”, and “Diamonds” album covers. Currently, she shares her works on her TikTok page @imlollypoplane.


About Mou5ZyZZ

Andrew Niman/Mou5ZyZZ is a professional DJ, songwriter, singer, dancer, and the founder of Mou5 Chee5e Records. He has worked with worldwide musical artists such as Lollypop Lane, MeliniBands, Dewik, Yago Music, Vivi Ay, Arikado, and many others. For more information about Mou5ZyZZ’s latest releases, please check as well as YouTube videos.


Mou5ZyZZ social media:


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Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation Becomes Facial Treatment Trend in Santa Barbara

Summary: Renowned Medical Spa Santa Barbara, SB Aesthetics Medical Spa provides the best facial enhancement treatment. The less-invasive facial treatment procedures, including injectable Botox (Botulinum toxin) performed by Dr. Robert Sheffield, has become a trend in Santa Barbara.


Effective methods to remove facial lines and wrinkles in Santa Barbara, CA

Looking younger without wrinkles can now be actualized by the effective facial treatment method at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa. This medical spa in Santa Barbara offers a comprehensive facial treatment, including Botox, to improve physical appearance, especially facial enchantment with minimally invasive procedures. The specialist performing Santa Barbara Botox at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is an experienced facial plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Sheffield. Robert Sheffield has thirty years of experience performing traditional cosmetics procedures. He focuses on non-surgical and less-invasive procedures to treat his patients.


Botox Santa Barbara is an effective method to remove skin lines and wrinkles due to aging. “As we age, our skin naturally becomes more fragile and less elastic. Therefore, we found many lines and wrinkles on our skins. Botox is an effective way to reduce wrinkles on certain areas such as Bunny lines, Frown lines, Crows feet, Top lip lines, Neck lines, Forehead Lines, Lifting of the brow lines and more,” said Dr. Robert Sheffield, an SB Aesthetics Medical Spa specialist and a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Botulinum toxin treatment at SB Aesthetics med spa Santa Barbara uses FDA-approved materials to relax the muscles, and they are effective for three to four months. The aesthetics practitioner injects a small amount of Botulinum toxin into the desired facial areas like the forehead and around the eyes. The effect of the Botox treatment can be seen within three to seven days. Consultation with the cosmetics doctor might be required to get fully informed about the Botox procedures and recommendations.


About Dr. Robert Sheffield

Dr. Robert Sheffield is a cosmetic specialist and plastic surgeon at the SB Aesthetics medical spa Santa Barbara. Over a decade Robert Sheffield has performed mini facelift and eyelid surgery and focuses on non-invasive and non-surgery cosmetics procedures. He is also one of the founders of the annual Rhinoplasty Symposium, the best Rhinoplasty teaching course in the world. At SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, Dr. Robert Sheffield aims to use his thirty years of experience and expertise to improve clients’ physical appearance to the next level.


About SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is a leading aesthetic center in Santa Barbara, CA. They offer various aesthetics procedures with sophisticated equipment, a friendly environment, and professional staff. Their facial treatment services, including Botox, Laser hair removal are high-acclaimed facial treatment in the area because of numerous satisfied clients and the best results. To make an appointment with Dr. Robert Sheffield, please visit or call (805) 318-3280.


Media Contact

Company Name: SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

Contact Person: Robert W. Sheffield, MD

Email: Send Email

Phone: (805) 318-3280

Address:601 E Arrellaga St #101 City: Santa Barbara State: CA Country: United States


Absolute Facial and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Through Non-Invasive Procedures in Santa Barbara.

Summary: Dr. Robert W. Sheffield from SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, uses a non-invasive approach to treat clients in Santa Barbara. SB Aesthetics, a top-level aesthetic medical spa in Santa Barbara, utilizes sophisticated Cynosure products to treat their patients.


Facial and Skin Rejuvenation with all-inclusive treatment in Santa Barbara

Restoring youthful appearance in Santa Barbara is no more hassle with the all-inclusive treatment of Botox Santa Barbara. Cost-effective facial and skin rejuvenation with Botulinum Toxin or Botox are available at a leading aesthetics plastic surgery clinic, SB Aesthetic Medical Spa. Consultation sessions to facial treatment procedures are performed by experienced facial plastic surgeon Robert W. Sheffield, MD.


At SB Aesthetic Medical Spa, Dr. Sheffield focuses on minimally invasive and non-surgical methods for facial rejuvenation. In practice, Dr. Sheffield uses high-level treatments and FDA-approved Botulinum Toxin injection for facial improvement in the client’s appearance. “Botox is used for different purposes. In most cases, it is used to rejuvenate a certain area of the skin due to the aging process. For instance, it is used to reduce the wrinkles on frown lines, crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, lip lines, and more. Botox results will be visible after two weeks or less and will last for more than three to four month,” said Dr. Sheffield. He added another popular facial rejuvenation method in SB Aesthetic Medical Spa is lip injections Santa Barbara. Lip injection with dermal filler enhances lip appearance. Lip injection procedure makes the lip plump and fuller and has a long-lasting result.


Medical Spa in Santa Barbara uses Cynosure laser for its laser hair removal treatment.


Most clients want their body hair removed permanently is a reason that SB Aesthetic Medical Spa chooses Cynosure laser product for their laser hair removal treatment. Cynosure laser delivers top-notch hair removal results and is popular among aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, and facial plastic surgeons. Based on clinical studies, after three treatments, its 755-nm laser lessens body hair permanently by 79% on average. SB Aesthetic Medical Spa offers laser hair removal Santa Barbara with this exceptional laser product.


About SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is a medical spa Santa Barbara offering all kinds of facial and skin rejuvenation. Their services range from Botox, skin resurfacing, hair removal, reduce stretch marks, photo rejuvenation, waxing, lip enhancing/reducing, and other facial aesthetic treatments. All aesthetic procedures are performed by Dr. Sheffield, a high-acclaimed Santa Barbara plastic surgeon.


About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD 

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD, is an SB Aesthetics Medical Spa surgeon with many exceptional experiences. He is one of the founders of the annual Rhinoplasty Symposium and life member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons & the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He has practiced more than thirty years performing traditional aesthetics procedures. Now he focuses on less-invasive and non-surgical facelift & eyelid surgery. For more information about Dr. Sheffield and book a consultation session, please visit or call (805) 318-3280.


Media Contact Company Name: SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

Contact Person: Robert W. Sheffield, MD

Email: Send Email

Phone: (805) 318-3280

Address:601 E Arrellaga St #101

City: Santa Barbara State: CA

Country: United States





Mou5ZyZZ Marks 2 Year Anniversary by Releasing a Melodic Dubstep Track

Multi-talented music producer, singer, and dancer, Mou5ZyZZ is celebrating his 2nd Anniversary in the music industry by releasing a Melodic Dubstep single, “Front Of You”.


Andrew Niman, a multi-genre songwriter, and independent music producer, Mou5ZyZZ, is celebrating his 2nd year in the music industry of being Mou5ZyZZ as an official artist by releasing a stunning Melodic Dubstep single titled “Front Of You” on July 31, 2021. Andrew Niman, also known as Mou5ZyZZ “Mouse zzZ” a Prolific Albuquerque musical artist with many successful albums and singles. It has been two successful years of Mou5ZyZZ in the music industry since his first appearance & releasing his 1st single titled “Roll Up”, on July 31, 2019.


“I’m so Excited to still be here in (Front Of You) creating music for all you listener’s Worldwide. Seriously I’m Blessed to still be here on planet earth as a Free Human Being, and I hope to continue this EPIC Journey for the rest of my life as a Free individual,” said Mou5ZyZZ, the founder of Mou5 Chee5e Records.


On July 5, 2021, Mou5ZyZZ re-released and re-mastered an Electro Pop/Dance track called “With You” to 24BIT-ULTRA-HD.WAV Following the release of “With You” Mou5ZyZZ also re-released, and re-mastered a Progressive House/Dance Pop track called “We Made It” to 24BIT-ULTRA-HD.WAV August 1st 2021. Both captivating tracks were released @Mou5 Chee5e Records.

Mou5ZyZZ has been in love with ballet since he was young. Ballet dance has inspired him to write a beautiful song about this dance characterized by fluid movements, light, and graceful. With friends Lollypop Lane & Yago Music (German musical artist Yago Music aka Jakob Faber), Mou5ZyZZ released this Deep House/Electro Pop track titled “Ballerina”. “I use to do Ballet when I was younger, so I thought of creating this beautiful track with my two friends from around the world,” said Mou5ZyZZ, a New Mexico musical artist, who loves dancing, playing guitar, singing, and playing drums.


Adyna Tan, aka Lollypop Lane, is one of Mou5ZyZZ’s most favorite singers. She’s a Malaysian/Australian vocalist, dentist, and Illustrator. She has a unique voice and has collaborated with Mou5ZyZZ on many singles. “I’m Super Stoked for this track “Fairy Tales,” to come out with my friend Adyna Tan. She has one of my favorite Vocal Voices I’ve Ever heard, Like Seriously EVER!” said Mou5ZyZZ about his lovely friend Adyna Tan/Lollypop Lane. Adyna Tan/LollyPoP Lane is an Artist who loves to design EPIC creations. She created these beautiful album covers for “Front Of You”, “Fairy Tales”, “Ballerina”, and “With You”.


Lollypop Lane’s latest single release with Mou5ZyZZ titled “Fairy Tales” is a Trance Sub-Genre. Released on August 8, 2021, which is Mou5ZyZZ Dad’s Birthday. “My dad is turning 72 years old this year, and I’m Super Happy he lives with me & is Alive & Well. I LOVE YOU DAD!”


About Mou5ZyZZ 

Mou5ZyZZ aka Andrew Niman is an American PRODUCER/DJ, songwriter, who was born in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of Mou5 Chee5e Records, an independent music recording company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mou5ZyZZ is a Professional songwriter/music producer who has collaborated with talented artists worldwide, such as Adyna Tan/Lollypop Lane, MeliniBands, Yago Music, Vivi Ay, Arikado, Dewik, and many others. Mou5ZyZZ’s music is available on worldwide music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, Deezer, TIDAL, Amazon Music, and more. For more information about Mou5ZyZZ’s latest releases, please check as well as YouTube videos.



Mou5ZyZZ social media


Lollypop Lane social media


Yago Music social media


Vivi Ay social media


SB Aesthetics Medical Spa Introduces Leading Technology Cynosure Laser Hair Removal in Santa Barbara

Summary:  Cynosure Laser hair removal procedure and other non-invasive procedures are performed by highly acclaimed surgeon Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD. SB Aesthetics Santa Barbara utilizes the most advanced equipment Cynosure Palomar Icon and friendly environment & staff. 


July 5, 2021; Santa Barbara

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa Santa Barbara is a prominent medical spa with safe and diverse facial rejuvenation procedures. Presently, they introduce their unparalleled cynosure laser hair removal Santa Barbara utilizing the industry-leading laser machine called Palomar Icon. The laser equipment can provide fast hair removal and other skin issues like brown spot removal, fractional skin resurfacing, surgical scarring, wrinkle reduction, and more. SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is now practicing its aesthetics procedures with strict health protocol following CDC and standard social distancing guidelines. Safety and customer satisfaction are their priorities to treat clients of top-level medical spa Santa Barbara.


Dr. Sheffield is an experienced Santa Barbara plastic surgeon. He uses a less-invasive and non-surgical facial rejuvenation approach to treat patients. One of his specializations is clostridium botulinum injection, also known as Botox Santa Barbara. Botox aims to minimize wrinkles in certain areas like frown lines, lines around eyes, horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, lip lines, and lines on the neck. Botox procedure requires one to three days to see the result, and the prices range from $400 to $700 depending on the skin/muscle condition and the area where the procedure is performed.


SB Aesthetics Medical Spa is known as a leading lip injections Santa Barbara. Lip enhancement is an injection procedure to turn thinning lips into fuller lips. It is popular with people aged 65 and above, but it also attracts young people to enhance their appearance. “Lip injection at SB Aesthetics Medical Spa uses FDA approved Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers. To schedule your lip injection consultation or other treatment services, please call (805) 318-3280 or visit our official website,” said the SB Aesthetics Medical Spa representative.


About SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa delivers top-notch facial rejuvenation in Santa Barbara, CA. They provide a wide range of non-surgical and surgical procedures. SB Aesthetics Medical Spa popular facial rejuvenation services include botox, facelift, rhinoplasty, neck lift, liposuction, otoplasty, brow lift, cynosure laser hair removal, and more.


About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD, is a senior plastic surgeon in SB Aesthetics Medical Spa. He is also one of the reliable facial plastic surgeons in Santa Barbara, CA. He specializes in facial aesthetic surgery and focuses on non-invasive & non-surgical treatment. Dr. Sheffield has performed many successful aesthetic surgeries in Santa Barbara and delivered top-notch results to his clients. Moreover, Dr. Sheffield is a life member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


For more information about SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, please visit


Media Contact

Company Name: SB Aesthetics Medical Spa

Contact Person: Robert W. Sheffield, MD

Email: Send Email

Phone: (805) 318-3280

Address:601 E Arrellaga St #101

City: Santa Barbara

State: CA

Country: United States



Education Portal Helps Students to Find Their Preferred Courses and Universities Quickly

Study Info Centre provides quick solutions for choosing the best worldwide institutions for studying. Over thirty thousand courses from three hundred worldwide education institutions are available to compare, including their valuable information for students.

Studying overseas offers abundant opportunities for students to continue their education to the next level. Study Info Centre established to help students find their preferred courses, scholarships, tuition fees, eligibility, jobs, and more. The platform specializes in providing a broad range of the best course providers in the world.


Study Info Centre covers extensive multidisciplinary education providers and courses, including Bachelor of Nursing in Australia, the most popular courses in Australia. Australia is one of the countries in the world providing the best nursing programs. And they are available in various universities in Australia, as seen on the official Study Info Centre website.


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About Study Info Centre

Study Info Centre is a prominent education information portal, providing a wide range of courses and worldwide education institutions. Thousands of students visit this site every day. The portal was established in November 2020 and is getting popular among students in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal) and Africa (Nigeria, South Africa). Moreover, the platform aims to provide a comprehensive reference and fantastic experience for international students seeking information to obtain their education degrees in countries like Canada, the USA, India, Denmark, UK, and Nepal. The website gives transparent information about the courses, universities/colleges’ names, annual fees, job opportunities for graduates, requirements, and more. For more information, please visit the Study Info Centre official website at


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